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Founded  2011

We founded our company in 2011 on the belief that existing urban and suburban buildings with their high roof tops could be ideal sites for cost effective renewable wind solutions not well served by horizontal axis (propeller type) wind turbines. Propeller type turbines do best in wind environments that are turbulence free. Wind shear typically leads to maintenance issues, break downs and low output. Urban environments, with their multiple and varying building structures, have highly turbulent wind patterns.

Urban Settings

Vertical axis (non-propeller) type wind turbines (VAWT) can have high ownership costs relative to energy output leading to a poor ROI for their owners. Consequently, the adoption of either propeller type or VAWT’s in urban settings, where the vast majority of all energy is consumed, is negligible. Photovoltaic (PV) solutions are seeing increasing adoption in urban environments although PV output, dependent on the specific azimuth of the sun’s rays upon the PV panels and weather, produces energy for only a limited period of time during the (cloudless) day. In contrast, wind can, and often does, blow 7 by 24, potentially allowing for a much higher energy output relative to investment costs for an effective urban designed wind turbine.


1Our company’s initial challenge was to produce a more efficient blade shape which transformed the blade from a pushing device to one that created lift (similar to an airplane wing). USPTO patent #7/393/17 describes our novel fluid dynamics based set of algorithms which proscribe a unique blade design providing more torque (power) in less wind. In addition, by using stepped up gearing, we double the output of the alternator. The Vento360 V-1 is unaffected by turbulent wind environments and is naturally 100% omnidirectional, without the use of any pointing, pitching or yawing mechanics.


2A second challenge was cost – providing a quality, long lasting, low maintenance wind turbine at a substantially lower cost than competitive products and providing a high ROI to customers.

A Vento360 V-1 is shipped to the installation site in a semi-assembled state. It is highly modular, meaning it can be assembled (and disassembled) and installed (and uninstalled) easily with simple hand tools from a few component parts. The few components themselves are light weight, extremely durable and made from low cost materials – aluminum and PVC plastic.

The return on investment (ROI) of any renewable device is easily calculated as the total cost (purchase, installation and maintenance costs) over its lifetime divided by its energy output measured in kilowatt hours over the same period. The resulting quotient represents the cost per kW produced which should be at least 20% less than the local utility charge. A related calculation is the number of years required for the device to recover its total costs. If the time period is more than five or six years, the value of investment should be carefully considered.

While the installed cost of and ROI on our Vento360’s in any location will be dependent on the number of units installed, the location and complexity of the installation on the one hand and the ambient wind and the local cost of energy on the other hand, we strive to always provide for an ROI to our customers in the mid-single digits of years and in some cases less than three years.

Often, businesses can receive federal, state and local incentives such as accelerated depreciation, USDA grants and guaranteed loans from the purchase of renewable devices such as our Vento360’s.  Click here for more details on federal, state and local incentives in your area.  Such incentives can materially accelerate the payback period. Due to their temporal nature (programs at all levels come and go) however, we founded our company on the belief that our product’s value to customers must not be predicated on such incentives.

Our team has decades of experience in fluid dynamics and aerospace technologies, electrical engineering, structural engineering, material science, enterprise scale renewable energy design, project planning and installation, cost benefit analysis and project finance. Scalable urban wind solutions are our business and passion.