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Vento360 V-1

Micro-Wind Turbine

Vento360 – Product and Specs

Our Vento360 family of wind turbines offer true value to businesses, government and other enterprises and allows them to produce renewable energy from wind often at pennies per kW produced over the long life of the device. Designed to be ubiquitous, a typical commercial building can typically accommodate scores of Vento360’s along the parapets and on the roof of the structure. Ground mounting is also available.

We are committed to our Vento360 branded wind turbines providing the best value and return on investment to enterprises worldwide.

The Vento360 Family of Micro Wind Turbines:

The Vento360 family of gang-able micro-wind turbines consists of a Company provided hinged base attached to structural elements of the roof or parapet, a vertical mast (13 to 17 feet tall) and one, two or three turbines. Each turbine has three patented Savonius type blades turned 120 degrees from each other and horizontal disks which direct the wind into the turbine. The mast and base have a total height of at least 17 feet and can be higher depending on the site and quality of wind on the roof. Ground mounted masts can be substantially higher. The hinged mast base allows for a simple and safe assembly and installation process without the requirement of any heavy equipment or lifts.

Other attributes include:

  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Specifically designed for installation and operation on existing structures in urban, suburban and rural settings:
    • Roof lines and parapets
    • Building corners
    • Billboards
    • Cell towers
  • Net zero carbon foot print.
  • No installation of large towers or transmission lines.
  • Typically no expensive site specific engineering requirements.
  • Five year warranty – 15 to 20 year useful life.
  • Hinged Base and Low weight – can be easily moved from a vertical to a horizontal position in the face of very high winds.
  • No land required for siting – located on otherwise unused parts of roof or other structure.
  • Extremely quiet – low RPM’s = no perceptible increase in noise levels in normal background conditions.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Perceived by wildlife as a solid object – bird friendly.
  • High performance aluminum and plastic.
  • Recyclable at end of useful life.

The Vento 360 Micro Wind Turbine System

The combination of few, easily assembled component parts and superior energy generation allows our customers to derive real value from our product – measured in cents per kilowatt produced over the life of the product, often without giving effect to cost reductions from rebates, tax credits, accelerated depreciation if available in the country or region of installation and use.

The Vento 360 is:

  • Used for both on and off grid solutions.
  • Readily installed with no special equipment such as lifts, cranes or pulleys.
  • Extremely durable and designed for years of service with virtually no maintenance.
  • Installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Omni-directional when vertically installed – changes in wind direction and turbulence does not affect the Vento360.
  • Self-starting – no generators required to start rotation of turbines.
  • Synergistic with hybrid systems – solar or other power source.
  • Installed with minimal permitting.

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