The Vento360® Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The right choice for a scalable, on or off grid tie, urban wind solution – renewable energy where you need it – on your enterprise’s building or property.


Business Case Certainty


High ROI

Cost Effective


Long Life

Visible Display of your Business’ Commitment to the Environment

Low Permitting Requirements

Easily Installed/Moved to New Location (Excellent Solution for Lessees)

Suitable for a Broad Range of Wind and Site Conditions

Marine Grade

Low Risk Choice

Our Vento360® branded wind energy solutions

…are designed to be installed and operated safely in urban environments and on existing structures, building roofs primarily, where the renewable energy generated is consumed within the building. Our grid tie turbines are designed to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint and provide a visible display of your business’ commitment to a sustainable environment.

A Vento360 system:

  • offers an economical solution to reduce your business’ utility supplied energy consumption;
  • is comprised of multiple Vento360’s installed on the roof along the parapets of your building;
  • connects to a service panel or outlet within your building; and,
  • powers onsite loads.

Each Vento360 comes as a “plug and play” unit including a base and mast assembly that allows for the safe assembly of the turbine and base and the movement of the mast from horizontal to vertical using a simple battery operated hand drill, an inverter as well as an optional remote monitoring package. A typical 92 meter (300 feet) by 92 meter building can accommodate about 120 Vento360’s along the four parapets of the structure.

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