Wind Energy as a Service for Enterprises

The right choice for building owners/lessees wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and utility-supplied electrical expenses at no cost to the owner or lessee.

We develop, own, and operate an architecturally attractive, safe, and silent proprietary wind energy solution for enterprise and governmental building owners, which generates savings and ESG benefits for the owners.

Our Vento360® branded vertical axis turbine (not propeller type) is almost indestructible and, when installed in multiples along the windward roof parapet, appears as an attractive white architectural element atop the roof parapet.

Our current focus is on the Caribbean Islands, Bermuda, Hawaii, and certain European countries, where wind resources are typically excellent, utility supplied energy is high, and their feedstock is carbon-based.

Our behind-the-meter-wind derived energy is directly consumed within the building, lowering but not eliminating reliance on utility-supplied power. Our solutions also work with solar power and battery storage for peak shaving and other applications.

Cost and Energy Savings

Our distributed energy solutions lower energy costs and reduce carbon-based energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and a lower carbon footprint for our customers.

Capital Efficiency

We underwrite the wind turbines’ installation and operation, requiring no capital from our customers, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Read About the Vento360 Wind Turbine

Business Case Certainty

Cost Effective


Long Life

Visible Display of your Business’ Commitment to the Environment

Suitable for a Broad Range of Wind and Site Conditions

Marine Grade

Low Risk Choice



Are you looking for more information about our wind energy as a service solution? If you have a commercial site in mind and want to know more, feel free to contact us.