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Vento360 V-1 - Benefits
Benefits to Your Enterprise

Each Vento360™ V-1 is a complete plug and play solution, designed to be ubiquitous with multiple Vento360 V-1’ installed and operating on a roof or other structure.

  • Business Case Certainty – The low cost and long life of Vento360 V-1’s assures a rapid return on investment through the generation of renewable energy entirely consumed by your business at a cost materially lower than charged by the incumbent utility.
  • Scalable – Businesses can purchase and install units at their own pace and within their own budget over time.
  • High ROI – The low purchase, installation and maintenance costs over the long life of the Vento360 V-1’s assures a high ROI and breakeven often within a few years of purchase.
  • Cost Effective – All energy produced by the Vento360 V-1 after investment payback is essentially free – reducing your utility bill.
  • Sustainable – Wind is free, naturally occurring and plentiful in many parts of the world.
  • Movable – Unlike an investment in PV panels, Vento360 V-1’s can be easily disassembled, removed and reinstalled in another location – allowing tremendous flexibility to growing companies which desire to invest in renewables but do not plan to remain in the same building for decades.
  • Image Enhancing – Vento360 V-1’s installed along the parapets of your building provides a continuous, impactful and highly visible display of your enterprise’s commitment to the environment and a positive boost to your brand, image and community standing.
  • Marine Grade – Highly resistance to high salt environments.

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